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3 Great Reasons to Drill a Water Well in Ireland

water well drilling in ireland

Have you considered drilling your own water well in Ireland? Would you like to tap in to the natural resource ….. right under your feet!! We give you 3 great reasons to drill a water well It’s Clean Water It’s

Commercial, Agricultural & Residential Water Well Drilling Ireland

clean drinking water

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Should You Consider Drilling Your Own Water Well?

clean drinking water

With the committee overseeing a review of the controversial water charges about to present its findings, now might be the time to rise above the petty squabbling and sink your own private water well. Reports suggest that Fine Gael and

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Ireland?

clean drinking water

After years of under funding, the Irish water supply continues to be dogged by concerns about its purity and safeness. With the European Commission now taking the Irish government to court over past water treatment indiscretions, Irish Water still has

The Environmental Cost of Bottled Drinking Water

environmental effect bottled water

Like each tidal surge that dumps another more human refuse onto the world’s beaches, the twenty-first century has witnessed a rising tide of plastic water-bottle use that refuses to draw out again. Much of the credit for this has to