Geo thermal

Geothermal heat systems are becoming increasingly popular. We are all aiming to make our homes and business’s more energy efficient, saving us money and reducing our carbon footprint.

There are many different types of geothermal heating systems and your engineer or heat merchant will discuss which options is best for you.

At TJ Cross & Co we undertake the drilling of vertical bore holes which are the ideal method for properties with restricted space or the soil type is not compatible for other methods.

Geothermal heat systems can be installed in both residential and commercial properties. We now have many customers enjoying the benefits of lower energy bills and a higher energy rating for their properties.

More information on geothermal heat systems can be found below or follow the link to where you can also find information on grants available.

You can call our office 064 6632300 for advise or to have one of our team visit you for a free, no obligation quote.

About Geothermal Heating:

Geothermal heating systems are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home or business premises. Geothermal heat pumps use the natural heat from under the earth’s surface to heat your water.  Solar energy is absorbed at the surface of the earth from the suns radiation, this means there is a constant temperature beneath the surface that is greater than the surface temperature.

In Ireland this temperature is approximately between 11ºC and 13ºC therefore every kilowatt-hour purchased you receive a free contribution from the ground comprising of a further 3 – 4 thermal kilowatt hours approximately, which are available as heating or cooling capacity.

Plastic pipes are buried in ground either vertically or horizontally, water containing usually anti-freeze is circulated through the pipes and it then absorbs the heat from the soil. The heat energy is then transferred to the geothermal unit. The unit compresses the extracted heat to a high temperature and delivers it to your home through underfloor heating or radiators and to your hot water system.

Although the initial cost of installing a geothermal heat pump system is costly it has proven to pay for itself within 7-9 years with the amount you will save on bills from conventional central heating systems.

Geothermal is a safe form of heat for your home, there is no flame and the system does not require any ventilation or chimney which in turn further increases the energy rating of you home.