Bring a supply of natural spring water into your home.

Water charges have caused a lot of controversy over the last few years, don’t get caught up in it. Now is the perfect time to sink a well and avoid unnecessary yearly costs.

We offer a personal, efficient and professional service and your job is our priority. One of our team will visit your property to discuss the process of drilling the well, installing the pump, connecting the water to your property and carrying out the water quality test. They will advise you where is best to drill the well and advise you of the cost involved.

  • farm water well

OWN and CONTROL your own private borehole water supply and have an additive free, quality, natural, uninterrupted water supply with very low usage costs!

Our prices are competitive and our work is excellent. We use high quality materials and have a highly skilled team to carry out the work.

At TJ Cross & Co we don’t believe in doing a job that is not of the highest standard. A well is an investment for your property that you want to last for many years and we aim to provide exactly that.

You can call our office 064 6632300 for advice or to have one of our team visit you for a free, no obligation quote.


Our drilling teams undertake their work in full accordance with the safety procedures outlined in our company health and safety policy. Safety on site is of the utmost importance and all safety procedures are put in place prior to work commencing.

A copy of our Safety Statement and Public Liability Insurance are available on request.